Thursday, December 13, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Trimmer Dragonfly Dawn Seedlings

Just wanted to put a quick blog together to show some of the seedlings we saw while at Dan and Jan Trimmers garden about three weeks ago. All of the seedlings in this blog are out of Dragonfly dawn.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The fun of Hybridizing

(Smile Again x American Flyer) x Briar Patch
When you start in the adventure of making crosses in the daylily beds you have high hopes and dreams of what you will accomplish. Some times you make crosses hoping for one thing and do not even come close.  The pod parent of this flower (pic to left) is an 8" yellow with small teeth. I crossed it with Briar Patch from Larry Grace hoping for a lavender with teeth. I never expected to get a lavender with a blue gray patterned watermark.

Calamity Jane x Jamacian Paradise
Then the next time you make a cross of two very tall and well branched red eyed and edged flower you think you will and eyed and edged but not always. This bloomed really caught my attention when walking the seedlings but in would have never guessed the cross.

Every once in a while you will get something that you were trying to get. When I crossed Cosmic odyssey and But now I see I was hoping to clear up the self color of Cosmic Odyssey and make the eye of But now I See a little more blue well I think I got it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seedlings from my future intro.

I thought I would show a few more seedlings out of my future intro CB08-100. This seedling has been very good to me in my breeding program it passes on its color and takes the form from the other plant. Cb08-100 is a 5.75'' flower on a 28" scape and has three to four way branching and abouth 22 buds. It will rebloom for me here in south Mississippi at leat two times. I hope you enjoy the pics.

Pod Parent

Pollen Parent CB08-100 now registered H. The Milkman Did It.
Some Sweet Day x Seagulls Heaven

CB10-023 Parents above

Pod Parent
H.Born To Run

Pollen Parent CB08-100 now registered H. The Milkman Did It.
Some Sweet Day x Seagulls Heaven

CB10-018 Parents Above

Pod Parent CB08-117
Tet Evelyn Gates x Seedling

Pollen Parent CB08-100 now registered H. The Milkman Did It.
Some Sweet Day x Seagulls Heaven

CB11-132 Parents above

Monday, September 5, 2011

My first Blog

14 inches of water thanks TS LEE
Future intro
Seagulls Heaven x Some Sweet Day
    I have decided to start this blog on our adventure in daylilies. I hope anyone who reads this will enjoy it and find some helpful tips from time to time. We are currently lining out the garden. Most of the selected seedlings are lined out and waiting for spring to arrive. The last three days have been very unproductive due to the extreme amounts of rain we have received from Tropical storm Lee. We have had about 14 inches of rain in three days. The pots in this picture are 7 gallon pots and most of them are starting to float. I have not introduced any Daylilies yet but I am considering the possibility of introducing this daylily (top right pic). The two pictures below are a couple of seedling out of CB08-100. If they make the cut next year they will be on the path for introduction also. I will be posting more seedlings out of CB08-100 and some other seedlings in the weeks to come

CB08-100 x Talladega

CB08-100 x Jennifer Trimmer