Monday, September 5, 2011

My first Blog

14 inches of water thanks TS LEE
Future intro
Seagulls Heaven x Some Sweet Day
    I have decided to start this blog on our adventure in daylilies. I hope anyone who reads this will enjoy it and find some helpful tips from time to time. We are currently lining out the garden. Most of the selected seedlings are lined out and waiting for spring to arrive. The last three days have been very unproductive due to the extreme amounts of rain we have received from Tropical storm Lee. We have had about 14 inches of rain in three days. The pots in this picture are 7 gallon pots and most of them are starting to float. I have not introduced any Daylilies yet but I am considering the possibility of introducing this daylily (top right pic). The two pictures below are a couple of seedling out of CB08-100. If they make the cut next year they will be on the path for introduction also. I will be posting more seedlings out of CB08-100 and some other seedlings in the weeks to come

CB08-100 x Talladega

CB08-100 x Jennifer Trimmer


  1. Nice to meet you !
    Congrats for this new blog.
    See you :-)

  2. Good start-pretty seedlings. Now that is alot of rain!!

  3. I like seeing what happened in the next generation. Nice blog, but white print on a black background is a little hard on the eyes here.

  4. Thanks for sending the link. I am having trouble posting comments for some reason
    So I am trying to post as anonymous

  5. Still trying to post under my google account

  6. Got it that time but had to sign out and back in.
    Anyway Was good to see you guys at the Mississippi Gulf Coast meeting. Thanks for coming. Hope to see you in Birmingham.
    Keep up the blog. I love reading them

  7. Thanks for starting up your blog, Chris! I enjoy seeing how others work with their beds and seedlings, especially when it comes to heading off and over-coming challenges. We are a "hands-on" group and love every minute of growing daylilies (well, almost..)

  8. Hi this is cool, I'm viewing this blog from my iPhone. Looks good, but I think one of the graphics is busted. Maybe figure out how to gain weight on images to overlay with text for better results.

  9. I have sure enjoyed visiting your blog. Your seedlings are absolutely gorgeous. I just started blogging some of my photos of daylilies and look forward to posting many more. Keep up the good work.